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  • Westavino offers carefully selected wine and spirits from top producers in Australia and Poland

  • We consolidate and ship your orders smoothly and efficiently with our local export expertise

  • We assist you to build up your brands in your market

  • We will work with you to facilitate promotions, winemaker visits, and events to help ensure your
    chosen products make the maximum impact.


Supplying Premium Wines & Spirits To The World

Award Winning Australian & Polish Export Services

Westavino is an award-winning exporter of high quality Australian wine and Polish spirits to an ever expanding world market. Our local language and cultural expertise along with our trusted business networks ensure that our clients receive the perfect premium products for their market.

Australian Wine

The Australian wine industry is the fourth largest exporter of wine around the world, shipping 760 million litres a year to a large international export market and contributing $5.5 billion per annum to the nation’s economy. Australian wine accounts for a very large share of the imported wine market in many South Asian countries.

In international competitions, Australian winemaking results have been impressive and have established benchmarks for a number of varietals, such as Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Westavino exports wines at all levels including bulk wines, low priced, bottled wines and premium wines. We work only with the highest quality wines that represent their regions and price points.


Polish Spirits &
Low Alcohol Beverages

Poles have been producing and drinking vodka since the early Middle Ages, distilling their skill into some of the best vodka blends available in the world, many of which date back centuries.

While high quality clear vodkas are generally reserved for special occasions, a speciality of Poles is the naturally-flavoured vodkas. Unlike beer with juice, flavoured vodkas are embraced by both sexes and drunk copiously.

Westavino exports Polish spirits in all levels including clear premium, clear low-cost and flavoured pre-mixed low alcohol varieties (Ready to Drink - RTD). We work with only the highest quality spirit producers that Poland offers.


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